If you are considering an Electric Repair and Maintenance for your home and office, karigar.com.pk providing the range of Electric Repair and Maintenance, changing of wires, replacement of lights, dimmer switch, wall sockets, chandelier lights etc

karigar also providing services for changing or installation Modular Switches, Semi Modular Switches, Light Fitting and Luminaries, MCB And Distribution Box, Wires and Cables ,ups installation and generators installation.

Installation/Repair of Control Panels

Our karigar has the technical expertise, managerial competence to execute projects successfully.

We are providing complete Electric Repair and Maintenance of long-lasting and multipurpose Panel Boards, Industrial Panel Boards and Control Panel Boards. These Electrical Panel Boards are manufactured by using refined raw-materials to make it more useful and economical for customers. We offer a wide range of AMF Control Panels to cater the specific needs and requirements of clients. Our karigar has completed supply and installation work of automatic change over panels, Power Control Panels for commercial and residential area.

Our Services
Electric Repair

Karigar.com.pk offers quality Electric Repair services.

Electric Fitting

We are providing a complete Electric fitting solution for residential and commercial customers.


14/7 emergency services for all your Electric needs.